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Oklahoma State Fair September 19, 2014

Tulsa State Fair September 27 open show, Junior show October 5  

Steer Nomination Form to be used at OYE and Tulsa State Fair

Steers Sire and/or Dam of the steer must be registered with the North American Limousin Foundation and the steer must show predominantly Limousin characteristics true to breed lines, as determined by the breed classifiers. Every Limousin steer must have an OFFICIAL OLBA Verification Certification  Steer Nomination Form  
All decisions of the classifying committee appointed by OLBA are final and no protest will be allowed.
The Oklahoma Limousin Breeders Association will award $500 to the Champion Limousin steer and $250 to the Reserve Champion Limousin steer if the breeder of the steer is a current OLBA member.

A completed and signed Breeder's Verification Certificate is required to accompany the nomination form at the time of nomination. For more information contact:

Brian Skaggs (405) 370-8849  Richard Hefner (405) 382-2954

Adopted NALJA Rules-applies to Oklahoma Youth Expo Heifer show & Tulsa shows
Rules 7,8,9


Leading Limousin Ladies Show Heifer Program
Eligibility and rules (click here)

Junior shows and results on the Junior programs page

Tulsa State Fair 2014 Results
Open Show
Grand Champion Heifer
Neal Thompson, Stillwater, OK
Salt CRK Argentina 708A
Reserve Champion Heifer
Richard White, Adair, OK
WLC All About That
Grand Champion Bull
Andrew Wright Wright Brothers
WB All In
Reserve Champion Bull
William Stewart, Salt Creek Limousin
Salt Creek Amazon.com 71