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Oklahoma Youth Expo

March 6-16, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma Youth Expo Limousin Heifer & Steer show eligibility

2017 OYE Limousin heifer results
2016 OYE Limousin heifer Program Results
Congratulations to Colt Cunningham on his Supreme Grand Champion heifer

Grand Champion Limousin heifer & Grand Champion Supreme Heifer at OYE
Colt Cunningham, Rose OK
LCHA Belle
Reserve Champion Limousin Heifer
Shelby Hubbard, Miami, OK
MAGS Basketball
Grand Champion Bred & Owned and 3rd Best heifer & Reserve Supreme Bred & Owned
Drew Wright, Miami, OK
AAWW Risque

Limousin Steers

Superintendents  (Oklahoma Limousin Breeders Assn.) George Hubbard, Miami, OK(918-541-5482)

Steers Sire and/or Dam of the steer must be registered with the North American Limousin Foundation and the steer must show predominantly Limousin characteristics true to breed lines, as determined by the breed classifiers. Every Limousin steer must have an OFFICIAL Verification Certification. Applications for these certificates can be copied from  http://www.oklahomalimousin.com/OYE.htm   or  www.okyouthexpo.com All decisions of the classifying committee appointed by OLBA are final and no protest will be allowed.

The Oklahoma Limousin Breeders Association will award $500 to the Champion Limousin steer and $250 to the Reserve Champion Limousin steer if the breeder of the steer is a current OLBA member.

A completed and signed Breeder’s Verification Certificate is required to accompany the nomination form at the time of nomination.

Steer Verification Form

Limousin Heifers

Superintendent  (Oklahoma Limousin Breeders Assn.) George Hubbard, Miami, OK (918-541-5482)

Heifers must be born after January 1, 2014  Class 1 will be heifers born after May 1, 2015.  All other classes will be broke after check-in.  There will be 4 divisions with awards sponsored by OJLA and OLBA. 

OLBA will sponsor Grand Champion Female $300, Reserve Champion Female $200 and Bronze $100.  Bred & Owned Grand Champion $100 and Reserve Champion $50. 

Exhibitors must be a member of the Oklahoma Junior Limousin Association (OJLA).  Membership can be obtained at check-in.

Eligible heifers must have an original NALF registration certificate transferred in the exhibitor’s name no less than 60 days prior to date of show. Orange papered Heifers of 75% or higher (NALF) percentage Limousin and all Purple papered Heifers will be eligible to show.  Heifers with NXF registration certificates below 75% (NALF) percentage Limousin are not eligible to show.

The highest placing purple papered heifer to show in the influence show, the highest placing orange papered heifer to show in purebred and the bronze female will follow in her perspective show if needed.  Only the Grand, reserve and bronze placing females in the Limousin show can be eligible for the Supreme drives.

OLBA has adopted rules 7. Bred & Owned and 8. Fitting, from the NALJA rules, for complete rules go to http://nalf.org/pdf/2015/2015%20NJLS%20Show%20Rules.pdf

7. Bred-and-Owned. To show in the bred-and-owned show, the female’s or bull’s tattoo must include the junior exhibitor’s herd prefix; and the female’s or bull’s dam must have been registered to the junior exhibitor at the time the dam was bred to produce the animal. Embryo-transfer (ET) calves are eligible for the bred-and-owned show; however, the donor female must have been registered to the junior exhibitor at the time she was flushed to produce the animal. The family’s prefix in the female’s or bull’s tattoo or family ownership of the dam at breeding does not qualify for the bred-and-owned show. No animals from partnership or lease agreement cows qualify. NALJA automatically enters eligible animals from the owned-female show in the bred-and-owned show. Juniors may sell no more than 50 percent ownership of a bred-and-owned bull and still be eligible to compete with him in the bred-and-owned bull show. The exhibitor must keep full possession of that bull until the regional and national shows conclude. All other bred-and-owned rules apply.
8. Fitting.
To maintain a high degree of confidence in Limousin junior shows, NALJA reserves the right to disqualify any animal for unethical fitting, which shall include the following: - Any use of paints, colored show foam, graphite, colored powders or other substances that may be subject to disqualification. All animals are subject to a “white towel” test from check-in to release. NALJA reserves the right to collect hair samples from any animal at any show. - The addition of any hair or hairlike substances, including false tail heads and false polls. (NALJA allows false tail switches.) - The cutting, tearing or gluing of the hide or underneath the hide or removal of tissue in an attempt to alter the animal’s shape. - The injection of any gas, solid or liquid under the hide to alter the animal’s conformation. - Any attempts to disrupt or change the animal’s normal dental development. - Any products, such as steroids or growth stimulants, administered internally or externally to alter the animal’s conformation. - Any stomach pumping without authorization from a licensed veterinarian.

OLBA reserves the right to collect hair samples from any animal.  Any person found misrepresenting OYE or OLBA rules and regulations will forfeit all premiums and show awards and maybe subject to disqualification.


Adopted NALJA Rules-applies to Oklahoma Youth Expo Heifer show & Tulsa shows

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